Level 2


BWRT level 2 is distinguished from level 1 work in that it can be used for more serious issues including but not limited to the following:

  • Alcoholism*
  • OCD     
  • Gambling     
  • Reactive Depression**        
  • Eating Disorders
  • Binge eating and drinking
  • Addictions
  • Sexual obsession/addiction
  • Bullying (within a personal or professional relationship)
  • Substance Abuse

A common feature of these problems is that individuals suffering from them develop a negative self-identity which locks them into the problem. For example, an alcoholic has a self-identity of themselves as a diseased individual which keeps them trapped in their cycle of self-destructive behaviour. BWRT level 2 provides a uniquely powerful and effective four stage process for changing the client's self-identity and behaviour and replacing it with a positive self-identity and behaviour. Once the new positive self-identity and behaviour have been "installed" they mutually support each other. The new positive self-identity supports the new positive behaviour which in turn strengthens the new positive self-identity (and so on).


Infrequent or irregular reinforcement sessions may sometimes be required in order to strengthen the new positive self-identity and behaviour, or to support the client to deal with any particularly difficult or stressful life circumstances that might otherwise threaten to pull them back down.


* Please note that BWRT is not intended to replace any necessary Detox Routines for Alcoholism or Substance Abuse but to work as an adjunct either alongside or either.


** Depression is a highly complicated and varied condition and no claim can be made that BWRT will necessarily be effective for any particular client. Where the depression is a reactive depression – a response to life circumstances – there is a reasonably good chance that BWRT can create a permanent and lasting change. However, when the client is suffering from endogenous or primary depression – not related to anything else - BWRT is less likely to be fully effective.


BWRT® a non Hypnosis process!

About BWRT

BWRT and/or the Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy: 'BWRT®' stands for 'BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®', a model of psychology and psychotherapy created by UK professional therapist, Terence Watts, MCGI. It's a totally confidential method that does not require you to reveal your private information or personal secrets to your therapist and it is carried out in a completely conscious state. It does not use hypnosis or any concepts that might be considered mystical or unscientific - it's completely logical, practical and down-to-earth, and for it to succeed only needs you to know what you want to change in your life. Only Certified Practitioners have been trained to deliver BWRT® and all have to adhere to a strict ethical code. Find out more at bwrt.org


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